3-4-ballet tap tumbling

5-6- tap ballet tumbling

7-9-ballet tap jazz

Our combo classes focus on introducing various styles of dance to our younger dancers. Ages 3-4 will be introduced to ballet, tap, and tumbling. Ages 5-6 will continue working on ballet, tap, and tumbling. Ages 7-9 will focus on ballet, tap, and introduction to jazz movement. Dancers are required to wear a leotard, convertible pink tights, have ballet, tap, and jazz shoes, hair up off the face. This class will have a recital dance.

Dress Code:

COMBO 3-4 & 5-6: Ballet/Tumbling/Tap

Pink ballet shoes, leotard. Hair in bun or out of face. Black Tap shoes. Convertable tights so they can slip their feet out for tumbling. Combo 5-6 A is returning Combo 5-6 dancers. Combo B is NEW Combo 5-6 dancers.

COMBO 7-9: Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, and tan jazz shoes. Leotard or sports bra and leggings/shorts. You can wear a leotard with dance shorts or leggings. Tights are always preferred. Combo 7-9 A is returning Combo 7-9 dancers. Combo B is NEW Combo 7-9 dancers.