Tuition Day

Tuition must be paid before the dancer takes their first class on tuition day.

If tuition isn’t paid there will be a $25 late fee. An additional $5 late fee will be applied every week after the first week. Tuition can be paid at the front desk during office hours. We accept checks made out to Revolution Elite Dance, cash or credit card. We will require each dancer to have a credit card on file. You can also sign up for auto payment which includes a fee. Tuition is due ON the dates listed. Tuition is broken down by hours taken. Example if your dancer signs up for tap, jazz and tumbling that would be 3 hours total. Your dancers tuition would be $145 due on the tuition date.


Tuition Day

1- August 29th

2- September 26th

3- October 24th

4- November 28th

5- January 9th

6- February 6th

7- March 6th

8- April 3rd

9- May 1st

*If you sign up for a ballet class you are agreeing to both days of the ballet class.

Family Discount

10% off for a total if your dancers are taking 3.5 or more hours.

**Example of pricing with hours:  If your dancer signs up for a jazz 1 and  tap 1 class that would be 2 hours total for the month and your tuition would be $105.